PewDiePie Took His Spouse on The Weirdest Valentine’s Day Date Ever

  • PewDiePie isn’t precisely the smoothest man on Earth.
  • However couldn’t Felix not be bizarre, simply as soon as all yr, for Valentine’s Day?
  • As a substitute Kjellberg needed to go and make Cupid’s birthday all about his bizarre obsession with aquariums. Poor Marzia!

PewDiePie’s spouse posted Instagram photographs of her weirdest Valentine’s Day date ever with Felix. Nothing says romance like sharks, squid and people chilly unblinking fish stares.

Marzia was cool about it although. She wrote:

Stopped by the acquarium to say hello to my puffer valentine ?? undecided what occurred to the third picture however let’s say that’s how pleasure appears like. Additionally take a look at that unusual starfish on the backside of the 4th picture. ⭐?

Supply: Instagram

Felix, you’re purported to take her out to eat lobster, not watch them by means of a glass.

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