Minecraft Creator Praises Boneworks, Considers Beginning a VR Studio

Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” has apparently been spending time with Valve’s new Index headset and the lately launched Boneworks. Now he’s flirting with the concept of beginning up a brand new VR recreation studio to revisit some recreation growth concepts.

Current tweets from Persson inform us that he’s been enjoying Boneworks with Valve’s new Index headset and having fairly a little bit of enjoyable with it. Throughout a handful of tweets, he’s referred to as the sport “incredible” and “super immersive.”

An emergent second born of the sport’s dedication to bodily simulation—the place he almost fell however used a hook-shaped device to cling to a ledge on the final second—led him name it “the best recreation of all time;” a little bit of hyperbole, I’m positive, although it’s clear how a lot the interactivity within the recreation has wowed him.

“Boneworks is what actually offered me on VR once more. It was the primary time I performed by a recreation in VR like I do once I get actually absorbed by…

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