Minecraft YouTubers torture themselves when taking injury

However why although? (Image: YouTube – Nintendo)

A pair of Minecraft gamers devised a method to give themselves electrical shocks every time they lose hearts.

Whereas Minecraft is generally perceived as a relaxing game, it may be fairly nerve-racking and tense. The world is fraught with hazard due to enemies like skeletons, zombies, and the explosive creepers, plus the chance of falling right into a deep pit or off a excessive cliff. And for some individuals, that hazard is outwardly not sufficient.

Two Minecraft YouTubers, Dream and GeorgeNotFound, have not too long ago devised a method to make it so every time they take injury within the sport, they get harm in real-life, primarily re-creating each ‘you die within the sport, you die in real-life’ storyline, albeit a lot much less extreme.

They achieved this by attaching an electrified canine collar to somebody’s arm after which rigging it by way of an Arduino board, a chunk of {hardware} that may learn inputs and switch them into outputs. Principally, every time the participant takes in-game injury…

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