Utilizing Lookup Tables To Make The Unimaginable Doable

Embarrassing confession time: I by no means discovered my multiplication tables in grade faculty. Certain, I had the straightforward tables just like the twos and the fives down, but when requested what four x 7 or eight x 6 was, I’d draw a clean. As you may think about, that made me a lower than stellar math scholar, and I used to be particularly handicapped on time-limited checks with a number of lengthy multiplication issues. The usual algorithm is way sooner whenever you’ve dedicated these tables to reminiscence, as I found to my nice woe.

I used to be reminded of this painful reminiscence as I watched Charles Lohr’s 2019 Supercon talk on the usefulness and flexibility of lookup tables, or LUTs, and their means to ease and even fully keep away from computationally intensive operations. After all most LUT implementations deal with issues considerably extra advanced than multiplication tables, however they don’t should. As Charles factors out, even the tables of sines and logarithms that used to populate web page after web page in reference books have been…

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