One Participant Completes Even Minecraft With out Digging a Single Block

Do you suppose that the objective of Minecraft is to dig one factor and assemble one factor? One participant was able to finish the game with out digging a single block.

Minecraft means digging craft. While you take a look on the determine, you might suppose that that’s the essence of the game. Even one of many well-known figures of the game is digging brightly colored.

One participant was able to full the game with some explosive, sturdy reflexes and luck, with out digging a single block. All it is necessary to do is loot just a few cities.

The participant, Hedgey, started the game from metropolis to metropolis on foot and picked up all of the items that wasn’t mounted to a wall. This included breads, apples, gadgets of armor, seeds and loads of completely different points.

Sunken ships, cursed pyramids, the participant managed to collect pretty numerous cloth, the lifeless Creeper’s TNT’s private arms whereas capturing the Creeper’s does not neglect to utilize.

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